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February 15 2017


Affordable and Quality Food Slicers


Food slicers, also known as meat slicers and deli slicers are helpful machines that are starting to become popular additions in home kitchens. Such is due to the fact that they make the lives of people who are cooking easier and more convenient. It is a known fact that the time spent in slicing and prepping the ingredients for a dish is far way longer than cooking itself. Thus, many individuals prefer to have machines that can make lower prep time. It is also worth considering that people who love to prepare steaks have observed that using slicers can make steaks tender. That is because the meats are cut with proper and even thickness. Thus, cooking time is similar to each and every slice. They also become more flavorful because the flavors are distributed properly.


Nevertheless, people should always know more about the slicers that they are going to buy. In general, the larger the blade, the sturdier the product is. It is a known fact that some of the highest quality products are manufactured by popular brands. Thus, they are sold at a very high market value. The good thing is that there are actually affordable units that can perform well. One is the Continental PS77711 Professional Series Deli Slicer. It is a product that is manufactured for home use only. That is because it is only small and light weight, thus, it cannot be used all day. However, the blade is 7.5 inches long and is very heavy. It is recommended for slicing meats only. Cleaning the product is also very convenient since the user no longer have to disassemble the unit. All they have to do is wipe it with sponge and soap.


Another meat slicer for home kitchens is the Nesco FS-250 Food Slicer. With a weight of 13.2 pounds, the product can be easily stored and transported from the cabinet to the countertop and vice versa. The 8.7 inches removable blade of the product is made with quality stainless steel. The blade can be removed and washed but can also be cleaned while it is attached. If the users intend to clean the blade while it is still attached, they should make sure that the machine is set to "P". Similar to the product mentioned above, this is only intended for meats. Another compact and lightweight home meat slicer that is very affordable is the MaxiMatic EMT-503B Elite Gourmet Electric Food Slicer.


The product has a stainless steel blade that can be retracted and removed. As compared to the last two, the slice thickness and thinness can be adjusted to the liking of the user. Similarly, it can also be used for other products apart from meat. People can use it to slice cheeses, vegetables, breads, and frozen products. In addition, the slicing platform of the product is also very large. The product is also very stable when using because it has rubberized feet. However, according to very informative meat slicer reviews, the product is quite noisy when in use. That is because of its 130-watts motor.

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